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The skin is a complex ecosystem which protects us against the environment. During some treatments or pathologies, such as cancer treatments, diabetes or dialysis, the skin can be unbalanced and affect your everyday well-being.

By your side supporting your weakened skin, Laboratoire BIODERMA designed the MEDI-SECURE development approach to offer patients suffering from skin disorders suitable dermo-cosmetic products, which takes their skin’s specific ecosystem into account.

  • Michele Sayag
    Michèle Sayag , Allergist and Medical Strategy Director - BIODERMA.

    What are patient's actual skin problems?

    Very often, patients see their skin change, with different problems depending on the medical context. Sometimes problems affect only one or two specific areas, and sometimes the whole body is affected. Whether it’s dryness, itching, rashes or sores, intensity can be different for everyone and change with time.


    How is patient's everyday life affected?

    Skin problems are on the top of what patients already deal with in terms of their disease. The chemo rashes and diabetic and dialysis itching do weigh on their quality of life. They often feel helpless when dealing with the skin problems, which doctors don’t always consider a priority. Patients therefore look for solutions by themselves. Some are lucky and meet health professionals who are involved and help them, but it’s not always easy to find good advice.


    What are the risks if skin problems get worse ? 

    When they become too intense or unbearable, doctors can lower doses or momentarily suspend treatment. Fortunately, the effects on the skin go away. Skin conditions disappear quickly when treatments stop, especially with cancer. As for diabetics and patients on dialysis, solutions do exist to help them on a daily basis and soothe their discomfort over the long term. Taking care of skin problems with creams and lotions is a big part of managing a patient’s disease and care.

    Michèle Sayag , Allergist and Medical Strategy Director - BIODERMA.

BIODERMA Medi-Secure products


Skin weakened by treatments or pathologies

MEDI-SECURE products

BIODERMA Medi-Secure products

During some treatments or pathologies, such as cancer treatments, diabetes or dialysis, the skin can be weakened, resulting in particular in dry, sensitive, irritated, itchy skin. The cutaneous effects can affect your everyday well-being.

BIODERMA’s solution: MEDI-SECURE, a specific development approach establishing strict precautionary measures adapted to skin weakened by treatments or pathologies. With MEDI-SECURE, Laboratoire BIODERMA offers patients dermo-cosmetic products that are suited to their needs. Atoderm Xereane for skin dried by chemotherapy, diabetes or dialysis and Cicabio Restor for skin weakened by anticancer treatments (chemo-, radiotherapy or surgery). 

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