Laboratoire BIODERMA developed the MEDI-SECURE approach to address the specific problems that skin develops due to certain diseases and treatments such as cancer, diabetes and dialysis. Weaker than normal, skin needs special care and precautionary measures to re-establish its healthy ecosystem.

Today, many patients look for creams and lotions specifically designed for their skin weakened by some diseases or treatments, which really assist in soothing them. BIODERMA is innovating with its MEDI-SECURE approach to help them improve their quality of life on a daily basis, throughout the entire length of their treatment.


Unique in its concept, the MEDI-SECURE approach takes into account each patient’s needs during each stage of product development.

Carefully selected ingredients and active ingredients that are recognised by health professionals

To select the ingredients of MEDI-SECURE products, Laboratoire BIODERMA worked with a toxicological expert to define an additional precautionary factor. The skin of these patients was considered completely permeable. This decision led to the choice of a more stringent calculation method for the selection of ingredients. With these precautions, the active ingredients selected are at least as safe as for pregnant women and infants from 1 year of age.

For the development of MEDI-SECURE products, the active ingredient selection method consisted of exclusively using molecules known for many years and largely described in scientific literature.

An additional selection criterion was envisaged: purity. MEDI-SECURE only use pure molecules, highly characterised active ingredients with an identified and controlled composition.

Practical and hygienic tubes use TubairlessTM technology, limiting contamination risks

Hygienic: these tubes limit contamination risks using an anti-reflux system

Practical: these tubes require no effort to deliver the product throughout the period of use

Guaranteed results backed by clinical studies conducted under medical and oncological supervision

Formulas are approved by clinical studies conducted under medical and oncological supervision, which test their efficacy and tolerance on patients’ skin.