Active ingredients improve comfort and resistance in weakened skin

In most cases, side effects include intense itchiness and discomfort. Atoderm Xereane and Cicabio Restor contain three pure molecules that strengthen the skin’s resistance. Their formula also includes AntalgicineTM, a complex patented by Bioderma that soothes feelings of discomfort and itchiness.

Atoderm Xereane

Soothes dry skin and feelings of itching

Daily care for all patients who suffer from dry skin, tightness, feelings of discomfort, and itching caused by chemotherapy, dialysis or diabetes.

Moisturising and nourishing

D-Panthenol, naturally present in the skin, is used here for its moisturising properties, which help the skin strengthen its protective barrier function. Enriched with jojoba wax and shea oil, and rich in saturated acids, Atoderm Xereane nourishes skin intensely and lastingly.

Oncology clinical study

Weakened skin cannot risk intolerance, and needs proven effectiveness. Atoderm Xereane was clinically tested over 28  days on 40 patients undergoing chemotherapy, to evaluate its safety and how it affected weakened skin1.

After 28 days of product application, 95% of patients experienced improvement of skin changes. The product was well tolerated by 100% of subjects. Furthermore, the application of Atoderm Xereane led to an improvement of 80% in the quality of life1.

1. An observational, prospective and multicentric study with two visits (D0,D28). 40 subjects were included by eight investigating oncologists, 2019.

Atoderm Xereane Tolerance

Improves skin repair and soothes feelings of discomfort

This dermo-cosmetic soothing cream provides care especially for patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy, or who have had surgery. It reduces superficial skin irritation and feelings of discomfort and helps skin to repair itself.

Repairs and protects

D-Panthenol and hyaluronic acid are naturally present in skin. Known to help moisturising, these two active ingredients are used here in concentrations that help skin to repair itself. Capryloyl glycine is another active ingredient, an antibacterial agent, that protects the skin.

Effectiveness proven with a clinical study

Cicabio Restor’s performance and tolerance were measured during a 28-day clinical study on 34 patients suffering from irritation on hand and feet linked to their chemotherapy1

After 28 days, 78% of patients experienced an improvement of their skin barrier. The tolerance was judged by subject themselves and the product was well tolerated by 100% of them. Furthermore, Cicabio Restor led to an improvement of 80% in quality of life2.

2. A multicenter, double blind, prospective, randomized controlled (1:1 ratio) study with three visits (D0, D7, D28) involving 70 subjects included by eight oncologists, 2019.

Optimal hygiene and safety thanks to TubairlessTM

Practical to use right up until the tube is empty, TubairlessTM packaging has an anti-reflux system. Ambient air can’t enter the tube, minimising the risk of bacterial contamination and guaranteeing maximum safety for patients.