Oily acne skin and self-image

Persistent acne can change self-image in the long run, including a loss of confidence in particular.

It’s perfectly well known that oily skin and blemishes are not a deadly disease. But they have a big effect on self-confidence! It’s hard to turn away from social demands for perfection and rules for standardised beauty. There’s no way to escape from creeping low self-confidence when surrounded by (touched up?) photos of inaccessible models!

We live in a time when little is more important than self-image, and it’s not easy to take a step back and put things into perspective. And yet, in the last little while, numerous celebrities and well known people are showing the way with the #AcnePostivity movement, or #SkinPositivity as an extension of #BodyPositive. The idea is to accept ourselves as we are, with all our weaknesses, without hiding the truth. There may be skin problems and dilated pores, but there are also all kinds of other strengths. It’s time to focus on our personality and leave behind anxiety.

By looking for inspiration among those who are comfortable with their own image, we no longer have to carry the burden of our social image, other people’s gaze is no longer a threat, and our own judgement (most often the worst of all) softens. We move towards more normal social relationships and regain confidence in our work. If screen stars can do it, why not you?

Woman checking her skin in the mirror

No more anxiety – Feel better about yourself

Accepting ourselves for who we are does not mean relinquishing the battle. We continue to fight, but more gently. Thanks to #Freethepimple, #RedefineBeauty and #loveyourskin on Instagram, lots of people post all kinds of selfies au naturel, without touch-ups or make-up to hide their blemishes. And it certainly doesn’t stop them from continuing their fight against acne, proudly and honestly.

  • Yes to conscientiously following an oily skin care routine, cleansing morning and night with the right products, doing what it takes to get your healthy skin back.
  • Yes to make-up that helps you feel better some days. But beware of becoming addicted to it and of the risk of acne cosmetica, linked to the overuse of cosmetic products and not washing thoroughly enough… You need to have days #WithoutMakeup and get used to this different side of you.
  • No to letting yourself be stigmatised by acne, and making it more important than it really is!
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