Adapting photoprotection to the skin's requirements


BIODERMA’s Touch concept is a real innovation in sunscreen for combination to oily skin. Mineral blockers provide effective sun protection, mineral pigments bring tinted coverage and a powdery finish provides oil control. At the same time, your skin’s own defences against the sun are stimulated, and your sebum quality is biologically regulated to reduce blemishes. With textures technology, Touch sunscreens turn into powder upon skin contact, leaving you with a smooth and matte finish that lasts for eight hour.


tailored protection
Tailored protection For combination to oily skin
mineral pigments
Mineral pigments High concentration
Color coverage
mineral sunscreens
Mineral sunscreens Ultra-safe
100% mineral protection
Absorbing powders 8H oil control
Powder finish

Bare skin effect mineral suncare perfects combination to oily skin

Photoderm NUDE Touch SPF50+ was Bioderma’s first Touch sunscreen – and a real success. The silky texture smooths complexion and boosts radiance with a unifying bare skin effect that leaves an ultra-matte finish. It comes in three shades: very light, light and golden.

photoderm nude touch

Full coverage and breathable mineral suncare

Photoderm COVER Touch SPF50+ is the newest member in the Touch sunscreen family. It provides very high sun protection and full coverage while letting your skin breathe. In the same it controls oils and mattifies your skin. It comes in two shades, light and golden.

photoderm cover touch

With two textures dedicated to combination and oily skin, healthy and beautiful sun protection is easy

Which of our two Photoderm SPF50+ Touch sunscreens, tailored especially to combination to oily skin, should you use?

Are you having a Nude Touch day, or a Cover Touch day?

Take our quiz to find out!


1. What kind of coverage would you rather wear today?

○  Glowing from the inside out

●  Looking flawless


2. Today your skin is…

○  A bit oily. Not too bad!

●  Oily here, oily there, oily everywhere…


3. What kind of morning routine do you have?

○  Shake it, shake it up!

●  No time to waste!


4. What’s your make-up look?

   Light, natural, simple

●  More sophisticated down to the last detail 

Discover which Photoderm Touch SPF+ is for you

If you have mostly ○ : For your sun protection, you tend to prefer silky and light. With Photoderm NUDE Touch SPF50+ you get a sun-kissed bare skin effect that boosts your radiance, unifies your complexion and gives you a soft powdery finish for eight hours. Good for those days when your combination to oily skin is looking well and feeling great.

If you have mostly ● : Coverage is as important as sun protection for you, and Photoderm COVER Touch SPF50+ is here for you! Protect, beautify and respect your skin with its high coverage, breathable texture and eight-hour oil control. Good for those days when your combination to oily skin needs extra tender loving care.