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100% of the ingredients explained:

Nature: what is it?
E.g.: a vitamin, a plant extract, a vegetable oil, etc.

Role: what’s it used for?
E.g.: hydrating, soothing, cleansing, gelling, etc.

Origin: how is it sourced?
E.g.: via extraction from a plant or mineral, via biotechnology, by synthesis, etc.


2 ways of decoding a formula:

  • An ingredients list (INCI): to help you find the ingredients as they appear on the product packaging.
  • An explanatory representation: ingredients are grouped together by role (patents or specific active ingredients, sensory ingredients, protective agents and preservatives) against different coloured backgrounds.

If you would like to know everything about the composition of our products, patents and technologies, so that you can choose with full knowledge of what you are buying, check out our special platform: www.ask-naos.fr

Here at NAOS, transparency is about clarity, in the very broadest sense of the term - it’s something we commit to daily as a central focus of all our activities:

  • We help you to decode and understand the composition of all our products with no exceptions,
  • We surround ourselves with experts, researchers and partners to meet your needs as well as we possibly can: they help us decide which ingredients to use, by studying their origin, nature and function. A sincere, trusting relationship such as this means you can be sure we are completely transparent about our product formulas, to which we provide full access
  • For 40 years, we have striven to create sincere, trusting relationships with all our communities.
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What does NAOS mean by transparency?

Transparency means making knowledge accessible and sharing it, so that everyone is able to understand and choose what is right for them. Completely independently.