Cicabio crème, the everyday ally for damaged skin

  • Expert - Scientific Communication Manager- Eloise Collet
    Eloïse Collet, NAOS Scientific Communication Manager.

    When we developed the BIODERMA Cicabio range, we created Cicabio Crème as a healing cream to soothe any kind of skin damages.

    Cicabio Crème can be used on all kinds of weakened skin, from small scratches on young children to post-surgery or following any kind of aesthetic or dermatological procedures. In all these examples, the skin’s biological repair process can trigger unpleasant or uncomfortable sensations. This is completely normal, it’s simply the skin rebuilding itself. That’s why it can feel tight or itchy. We created Cicabio Crème to help your skin repair itself as efficiently as possible while minimising discomfort.

    We came up with Cicabio Crème in 2007 to soothe and protect your weakened skin while promoting an effective repair process. Day after day, Cicabio Crème supports the healing process and helps you achieve the most aesthetically satisfactory results, irrespective of the initial problem, from minor everyday scratches to aftercare for surgical or dermatological procedures.

    Eloïse Collet, NAOS Scientific Communication Manager.

  • Protect weakened skin over time and create ideal conditions for skin repair 
  • Reduce the appearance of scarring
  • Quickly soothe uncomfortable sensations
Cicabio Crème

hyaluronic acid
Hyaluronic Acid This star skincare ingredient enhances hydration, maintaining optimised moisture levels to create an environment that fosters healing
repairing efficacy
Centella Asiatica Cicabio Crème also contains a trio of repairing active ingredients, notably Centella Asiatica.
The extract of this plant native to Asia’s wetlands stimulates cutaneous repair.
  • Expert-Sophie Armando- formula creator BIODERMA
    Sophie Armando, Formulation expert - BIODERMA.

    Hyaluronic is naturally present in the skin. It can hold up to 1,000 times its own weight in water, thus maintaining a humid environment that encourages repair. We use high-molecular weight hyaluronic acid that forms a network in the skin’s most superficial levels. This protective film enhances the repair process.

    Sophie Armando, Formulation expert - BIODERMA.
  • Expert-Sophie Armando- formula creator BIODERMA
    Sophie Armando, Formulation expert - BIODERMA.

    The active ingredients in Centella Asiatica enhance the synthesis of essential components in the skin to help it repair itself.

    Sophie Armando, Formulation expert - BIODERMA.
purifying efficacy
Cooper and Zinc This reputed duo has a cleansing action that purifies the damaged area.
Soothing efficacy
Antalgicine™ Antalgicine™ technology reduces the feelings of discomfort and itching generated during the natural healing process. Cicabio Crème’s enhanced soothing action makes it stand out from other repairing creams on the market.

Cicabio crème in four key figures

  • Reduces the intensity of skin discomfort by 96% *
  • Reduces the intensity of itching by 85% *
  • In 91%** of cases, skin repair was considered to be good to perfect
  • 92%** of doctors questioned were satisfied with Cicabio Crème’s effectiveness


*Clinical study in France on 504 volunteers, aged 18 to 80 years-old, for 7 days +/- 2 days
**Clinical study in France with 353 doctors on 703 volunteers, aged 17 to 92 years-old for 14 days - application twice a day.

Formulatory art

Antalgicine™ is specifically used in Cicabio Crème. This active ingredient is directly inspired by our own internal pain regulation mechanisms. The structure is fairly similar to a natural endorphin, and we know it has a proven soothing effect. Antalgicine™ helps soothe the sensations of discomfort we sometimes feel when our skin is healing. It also reduces itching.


Sophie Armando, Formulation expert, BIODERMA

Cicabio Crème is a water-rich emulsion that protects damaged skin through a ‘plaster effect’. It creates an environment ideal for high-quality skin repair and helps make the scarring less visible:

  • Cicabio Crème forms a breathable, semi-occlusive film on the damaged skin 
  • This invisible protection maintains a moist environment that prevents water loss
  • The skin is more comfortable throughout the healing process through this combination of a ‘plaster-effect’ texture and active ingredients chosen to meet the skin’s needs.
Cicabio Crème texture
  • Expert-Sophie Armando- formula creator BIODERMA
    Sophie Armando, Formulation expert - BIODERMA.

    A water-in-oil emulsion means that water droplets are wrapped in oil i.e. fat. This type of emulsion is used when you need an insulating effect as oil, or fat, forms a protective film on the surface of the skin. This type of water-in-oil emulsion is usually very rich in oil, but not in water. However, our emulsion also contains a large amount of water to produce a plaster-effect texture. The oil forms an insulating film that protects the weakened area from external stress, while also maintaining a moist environment conducive to healing. This plaster-like texture provides comfort and freshness on application, soothing the weakened skin.

    Sophie Armando, Formulation expert - BIODERMA.
  • Expert - Scientific Communication Manager- Eloise Collet
    Eloïse Collet, NAOS Scientific Communication Manager.

    The cream spreads easily, reducing friction. The high water content in the emulsion creates a fresh sensation on application that immediately soothes the skin. The light texture glides on and respects the skin’s natural balance. As it doesn’t leave a greasy or shiny film it can be applied anywhere on the face or body without anyone noticing.

    Eloïse Collet, NAOS Scientific Communication Manager.